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CHINAPLAS2019 Excellent Equipment-- Double Layer Blow Molding Machine
Release time:2019-05-15



Chinaplas2019 金纬机械与您相约1.1F01和 11.1K41


1、It’s suitable for the product of all kinds of blowing molding products from 15 to 30L, the using of double layer accumulate type head, under blowing structure, the second air-cooling unit, automatic online deflashing, online weighing of products, leakage testing, transportation.It can reduce labor costs and increase production efficiency.


2、Adopting B & R automation control system supports multi-tasking time-sharing operation, high degree of automation,400-point thickness control system, ATOS servo valve, accurate parison thickness control.

3.The hydraulic system is used as electro-hydraulic servo drive system by controlling the motor speed and torque to provide accurate flow and pressure,more energy saving than ordinary motor pumps about 50%, also can reduce the hydraulic oil temperature, extend the hydraulic equipment life, power system noise reduced by more than 10 decibels.

4.The frame of mold platen is adopted a tie-barless structure, which has the characteristics of uniform clamping, large mold clamping force, large capacity, and easy disassembly and assembly.Using servo system and electronic ruler Control can achieve gentle ramp silent motion.


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