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CHINAPLAS2019 Excellent Equipment--One Mold Double Outlet PP Hollow Building Template Production Line
Release time:2019-05-16



One mold double outlet PP hollow building template production line

The production line of one mold double outlet PP hollow building template is the new product launched by Changzhou jwell tablet Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. on the basis of the traditional 915mm single production line, which has been constantly innovating and continuously verified. It satisfies the high output and low energy consumption, and at the same time, achieves the best product quality stability.


1. The production line has the advantages of high output, low energy consumption, saving production area and labor, and the daily output can reach more than 1000 pieces.

2. The whole line has advanced technology, fast production line, energy-saving and efficient extruder, high extrusion volume, good plasticization and stable transportation.

3. The unique design of die, setting plate, cooling system and vacuum system ensures high-speed cooling and setting of extrusion, stable extrusion and more convenient operation.

4. Unique structural design ensures that the surface of the product does not warp and the smoothness meets the construction requirements.

5. The production line can realize one-sided or two-sided co-extrusion, co-extrude nano-alloy materials and flame retardant layer on the surface of the template, and improve the performance of the template.


1. With polypropylene (PP) resin as the base material, the product is more environmentally friendly.

2. Smooth and smooth surface, good casting effect; no moisture absorption, no deformation, no mildew, long-term immersion in water without stratification, no bubble, plate size stability.  

3. Easy to process, vertical and horizontal can be connected arbitrarily, demoulding is easy, without brushing demoulding agent, tapping the template can fall off, shorten the working hours, save manpower, and accelerate the progress of the project. 

4. Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, very suitable for coastal areas, mines, seawalls and dams and other engineering applications, use and storage do not need to do any anti-corrosion treatment, do not pollute the surface of concrete.  

5. Turnover can be used more than 50 times, and the service life is long.  

6. Waste products can be recycled and reprocessed, and recycled raw materials can be fully utilized. Compared with wood formwork and bamboo plywood, the cost of waste products is lower and the cost of construction can be greatly reduced.


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