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CHINAPLAS2019 Excellent Equipment-- TPU Film Extrusion Line CHINAPLAS2019 Excellent
Release time:2019-05-16






Chinaplas2019 金纬机械与您相约1.1F01和 11.1K41


1、Advanced dehumidifying and drying unit is equipped to ensure stable quality, no bubble will exist in plastic which help transparency of final product. Two side two station unwinder is provided for one step coating, which improve the machine flexible operation and lower the manufacturing cost.


2、Based on customerised raw material, Jwell make full use of its long term screw manufacturing and test experience, we develop 50  65  75  90 105 110 130 screw with LD 30 33 36 to extrude all kinds of TPU material. The extrusion performance is very efficient and pressure is quite stable. Nitriding and plating screw has long life time and good plasticizing, which help to remove fish eye of product.


3、TPU T-die made by Jwell company adopt Germany brand mould steel. The hardness and pressure endurance reach international standard. Built-in heat cartridge help precisely control mould temperature of each zone. Its extrusion flow is uniform and easy to adjust and operate. Good machining from CNC from Germany, Korea, Japan and well designed of T-die inner channel from digital 3D simulation flow work together for good quality.


4、The three-roller type cooling method is adopted, and the surface of the roller is specially customized for TPU by coating anti-adhesive layer, matte extinction, etc.

The inside of the three rollers is cooled by water, and the special runner design has extremely low temperature difference on the surface of the roller, which ensures uniform cooling of the product and less thickness tolerance. Independent loop control system, which can precisely control the temperature of each roller, independent Japanese servo motor control, freely adjust the speed, and help the customized process.


5、Professional research and development of multi-generation winder, free switching of center winding and friction winding, saving manpower, increasing line speed, unique process control tension, meeting different customer requirements.



We have many TPU machine in our factory ready to be delivered, welcome worldwide customer to visit us.


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