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2023, a new journey Chairman Mr He of Jwell Machinery wished all employees a happy new year in the Zhejiang factory!
Release time:2023-02-09

From January 11 to 16, 2023, Mr He held various meetings in the Zhejiang factory area and made work arrangements!Wish all employees a happy new year with good health!

              Newcomer training exchange meeting

On the morning of January 11, Mr He shared his growth experience and the road to survival and development in 2023 with the newcomers in JWELL Zhejiang Factory.



01 How to improve product quality?

Mr He emphasized that to do a good job in product quality, it is necessary to optimize product quality based on user experience and let users test it.Going international in terms of work philosophy, work style, product grade, brand awareness, customer service, etc.In 2022, JWELL sent more than 60 people to Germany to participate in the K exhibition. In the face of the epidemic, JWELL people showed a tenacious and hard-working entrepreneurial spirit, and finally perfectly achieved the expected goal.


Zhou Bing, General Manager of JWELL Suzhou Factory, introduced the scale of JWELL Anhui Factory. At present, Anhui Chuzhou Factory and Quanjiao Factory occupy an area of more than 500 mu. Mr.Zhou expressed his congratulations on the rapid development and good achievements of the Haining factory after visiting the Haining factory.


Zhou Fei, general manager of Changzhou JWELL Pipe Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd.combined his own experience,Introduced how to lead Changzhou JWELL Pipe Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd.to success from several aspects such as product selection, quality, service, and system,he emphasized the eight-character policy proposed by Mr He: high speed, high efficiency, intelligence, and energy saving. Focus on one thing, you will naturally be able to do one thing well.


02 Inheritance of corporate culture

Yin Chao, the general manager of Zhejiang Jwell Pipe Equipment Co., Ltd., first of all thanked the company for its trust in him. After joining Jwell, what he felt most deeply was the inheritance culture of Jwell,he was grateful to the company and his colleagues, and will continue to do a good job in the future, bring in newcomers, make good products, serve customers well, and grow together with the company.


Mr Chen, general manager of Zhejiang JWELL Sheet and Film Equipment Co., Ltd., introduced his work experience in JWELL,his deepest feeling is: the growth of young people is completely unrestricted in JWELL.In the work, everyone is required to return to the essence of technology, pay attention to product performance, and do a good job in service.For the future, we are full of confidence, and firmly believe that what the Germans can do, we will eventually be able to do it too.


Marketing newcomer training and outward bound training

On January 14th, the marketing newcomers and reserve personnel of JWELL Haining Company went to Zhoushan Company for visits and training exchanges, to understand the historical inheritance of "JINHAILUO", and to learn the basic knowledge of screws and barrels.




The outreach training conducted a temporary adaptability test for marketing newcomers, through random grouping, to simulate looking for customers.Through this work efficiency test, we will exercise the teamwork, communication and cooperation abilities of the marketing newcomers.


2023 Spring Festival tea party for some old employees

On January 16, the Haining factory held a spring tea party for some old employees in 2023.




At the meeting, Mr He first cared and paid attention to the "basic clothing, food, housing and transportation" of all employees.From introducing canteen suppliers, optimizing canteen management, to sharing health preservation experience, encouraging everyone to pay attention to physical health;From the improvement of employee work clothes to ensure comfort and safety, to the requirement of detailed management of employee dormitories;From asking everyone to raise safety awareness, to giving examples to warn everyone to work and travel safely.



According to the analysis of the operating status of each company in the Haining factory of JWELL, Mr. He proposed: to strengthen the production and marketing management of each company.We need to standardize process management in terms of improving production efficiency, focusing on product quality, and precision marketing;We must do a good job in after-sales service, and achieve high-quality service through personnel selection, team formation, product quality, self-inspection, and training.



Finally, Mr He encouraged us to:

1. To learn the spirit of concentration, ingenuity, love and dedication of German and Japanese companies;

2. To keep learning, to have the ability to think independently;

3. The future is the era of digital economy, we must have feelings and emotional value, and we must work hard to learn and progress;

4. We must strive for innovation, focus on customer experience, and create an intelligent global extrusion equipment ecological chain.


Wish you all peace and health, all the best, and happy new year!

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