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Super PPR Fiber Glass Pipe Line Test Successfully
Release time:2018-09-15

FR/PP-R pipes are high performance pipesmanufactured at low temperature and high speed through special process andequipment using multi-layer co-extrusion. FR / PP-R pipe is a kind of fiberreinforced polypropylene pipe. Both inner and outer layers are made of PP-Rmaterial. The intermediate layer is composed of adding glass fiber on the basisof PP-R. Compared with PP-R pipe, FR/PP-R pipe has a glass fiber reinforcedlayer in the middle, that is, on the basis of ordinary PP-R pipe, it enhancesthe rigidity, light transmittance and air permeability, and its performance ishigher than that of PP-R pipe. It has the characteristics of low linearexpansion coefficient, which makes up for the limitation of PPR pipe inpractical application.
Recently, JWELLMachinery's PPR/FR-PP Pipe Extrusion Line which manufactured for Americancustomer enterprise, has been runningsuccessfully in the factory of SHANGHAI JWELL MACHINERY. The trail run is very successful.The operation of the production line is extremely stable and smooth,have madepipe products with uniform color,bright and clean surface and stratifiedprecision.1) Manufacturedat low temperature and high speed through special process and equipment usingmulti-layer co-extrusion. 2) Specialscrew design against PPR/FR-PP pipe material. 3) Advancedand Patented extrusion die head design against PPR/FR-PP pipes. 4) Precisecontrol of thickness and layering of pipes. 5) Advancedautomatic water supply and drainage control and circulating water temperaturecontrol. The cooling effect is good. The maximum line speed is up to 20M/min. 6) Theextrusion line is designed to operate automatically which guarantee reliableand safe. 7) Thelayout of multiple extruders is reasonable and the space occupied is small. 8)  Thethickness of the product can reach 160 SDR7.4.  Pipe Features&Application1、Pipe Features&Application   1) PPR/FR-PP pipe is widely used in solarenergy, thermal energy circulation system, heating system and water supplybecause of its higher pressure and temperature resistance, long operationallife span, high strength and impact resistance, and the prevention of pipelinesagging. 2) Because of its high strength, PPR/FR-PPpipe can save a lot of engineering costs, and security is greatly guaranteed.Therefore, PPR/FR-PP now has the tendency to replace PPR. It is a masterpieceof plastic pipes in the new era.                                         

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