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Jwell global extrusion engineer certification system
Release time:2018-11-15

Shanghai Jwell Machinery Co.,Ltd as the vice president unit of CPMIA is one of the largest manufacturers of plastic extrusion machinery in China. Our products are sold all over the world and our sales and service network covers over the world. Our company set overseas offices in Turkey, Vietnam, Bangladesh and so on. It has great influence on the extrusion industry.Its comprehensive strength ranked top in China’s plastic extrusion industry for eight years consecutively.(according to the data provided by China's plastic machinery industry association).

Jwell global extrusion engineer certificating system aims to help outstanding engineers in the global extrusion industry to evaluate and certify their own abilities through Jwell platform,and to provide learning opportunities and training plan according to individual demands, and to promote the development and progress of extrusion industry.

In order to make it easier for outstanding engineers in the global extrusion industry to pass this certification system,Jwell company specially produced an applet in WeChat for you! Let's be familiar with this applet.

02 How to enter the certification applet

1, You can scan the picture below, identify the QR code to enter the applet.

2. You can also search "Jwell extrusion engineer service"  in wechat to enter it.


02 The introduction of applet's function menu



Now let's get knowledge of functions of each menu key:

1. Certification:Click to enter it, then you can fill in your personal information and submit your attachment of words and video. After confirming and submitting the certification, the background staff will arrange the certificating expert for you in the fastest time to complete the certification.

2. Assessment and rating:The certified experts have the rights

3. Database:This is a platform for global extrusion engineers to learn and share.You can improve yourself by watching video, learning materials as well as share useful learning materials for others to learn. Through this you get some bonus points which is needed for you to read some high-quality videos and materials.

4. Maintenance application: If your equipment is urgent to be repaired and kept maintenance by engineers, you can click this menu key to upload relevant problem description and submit application.After the background receiving the application, it will arrange engineers nearby who are certified and willing to provide services to serve for you.

5. Points mall:The points you get in the applet can be exchanged for the goods you need through this points mall.

6. Accessories mall:Here we will provide high-quality accessories, and you can choose the accessories you need here.

7. Receiving orders:The engineers who get the certification will be able to receive the corresponding maintenance task;

8. Mine:Here are your credits and personal information details.


If you have any questions, you can consult in time, we look forward to your participation! 

Tele:+0086 13601876710(The WeChat number is the same)



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