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Jwell Running Person on New Year in 2019
Release time:2019-01-01

New Year's Day

New Year and New Outlook


Meet 2019! 



In 2018, we are full of passion and vitality

In 2019, we fight together, strive together

In this joyous day of the coming of the new year

Jwell people are full of confidence, running forward

Welcome the New Year together!

On January 1, in 2019, Jwell Company held the activity of welcome the New Year's Day in 2019. The company's leaders and all employees participated in the event. Everyone welcome the New Year with a positive attitude and we are together to running to it.

At the beginning of the event,Lou Yijian who is the general manager of the company made a speech for New Year.Then the long-distance running was officially started under the instruction of him.The staff are all in high spirits and energetic. Bright flags and neat costumes make up a vibrant and exciting picture. Employees walk with vigorous steps, line up in a neat queue, and chant the slogan of "be persistent and innovative", showing the spirit of Jwell people. They take firm steps to embrace 2019.

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The arrival of the New Year with the way of fitness long-distance running has also become a landmark activity of Jwell. In this new year, we will still work hard and pursue our dreams. I hope that everyone will become long-distance running into "often running" and pay more attention to normal exercise. To contribute to your work and life with healthy body and full energy.





In 2019,

Happy New Year's Day 



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