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Active learning, coordination and communication, introspection and innovation----Jwell machinery 2019 annual marketing conference successfully concluded
Release time:2019-02-18

JWELL Marketing Conference



 From February 14, 2019 to February 15, 2019,the marketing conference of Jwell in 2019 held in Taicang Loudong hotel.The chairman, Mr. He Haichao, the board of directors, general managers of professional companies, marketing staff of professional companies and heads of relevant functional departments, about 180 people gathered together to share the hardships and joy of success and envision the future glory.



Training, tired but happy 

      Combined with characteristics of our company's various product, wide range of applications, introducing new products by the professional company is the focus of this meeting.During the meeting, the general managers of the professional companies start training on key new product for the participants. They trained from product performance, product structure and product application technology. Through sharing and learning, everyone can know how to learn from each other and use what they have learned.

It aims to help sales managers to have more professional product knowledge and deepen business development, so that everyone can specify the requirements  of technical configuration and negotiation, and realize the transformation and upgrading from "sales salesman" to "sales engineer". .After the training, all the salesmen were tested.


Jwell always adheres to the cooperation concept of platform and specialization.This conference organized more than 20 strategic cooperative suppliers to train, explain and promote their supporting products.The suppliers made a comprehensive explanation from the aspects of product classification, raw materials and analysis of factors affecting the cost, etc. We interact with teachers from time to time. The atmosphere is active.With the training of professional technical knowledge and skills, sales elites are confident in future. They will better serve customers with perfect services. Jwell and all the suppliers are developing together, improving with each other and enjoying the fruits of success together.



Active learning, communication, reflection 

       2018 has been an extraordinary year,in the case of poor external environment. Our marketing output can still rise steadily, but the profit is obviously lower than before,so we need to change some shackles of the old systems and ideas.The chairman Mr.He made an analysis of the current economic situation and the current situation of the company, making it clear to everyone that at present we should improve the market share and pay attention to the control of sales risk, and transform the extensive sales mode in the past into digital and refined management.Comprehensively improve product quality, enhance brand awareness, make products more refined and stronger, achieve the perfection of user's experience, and serve for high-quality customers well. Finally, our chairman Mr.He expressed his ardent expectations for us in the following aspects:

1. Active learning, persistent learning, constantly optimizing knowledge structure through learning, improving execution and enhancing innovation ability;

2: More coordination, more communication, treat people with sincerity, warm people with love, be a warm people that always in the communication and coordination line ;

3: Consciously reflect on the failure cases, and strive to find a solution to the problem, learn experience and lessons from the failure,so that we can grow up quickly, reflection is the source of progress.



Award, express honor to people who strives

     22 years of standing together through storm and stress, 22 years of ingenuity,as Jwell machinery is growing stronger and stronger, and at the same time, a group of outstanding young people and partners follow the footsteps of Jwell to break through themselves and fly against the trend in difficulties, making remarkable contributions.According to the sales performance ranking in 2018, the company gave them a grand recognition and a big bonus.So as to commend outstanding performance or outstanding contributions in 2018,while fully affirming the excellent staff, it also attach great importance to all the marketing staff.



Dinner, celebrating time


      The whole dinner was a lively affair.During dinner, there were a lot of singing and dancing performances and big awards.  It brought surprises for everyone constantly.The chorus of "true hero" by manger Mr. Zhang and Mr.Luo shows the unity and endeavor of Jwell people,and each section is filled with Jwell people's lofty aspirations.The Thai songs brought by the new generation of students show the youth and boundless vitality of Jwell sales team.Finally, our chairman Mr.He and his wife sang a song called "hand", all the audience sang together, making the party come to the head.



Seize the new opportunity and let's start again 

   With the appreciating dinner, singing and dancing and other relaxed and happy performances, lottery activities, Jwell machinery marketing conference in 2019 came to a successful end.The New Year starts from here, your struggle, will be great!



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