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Jwell machinery celebrates the Lantern Festival with you HAPPY LANTERN FESTIVAL in 2019!
Release time:2019-02-19





    Year comes with people’s eagerly expected, and left in people's reunion blessing quietly. Soon, the first important festival comes after the year, the Chinese traditional festival -- -- Lantern Festival.Jwell wishes you happy Lantern Festival!



In this celebration of the day, without the family reunion and accompanied, without love and the truth warm each other, why it can not be happy? When the family happily taste those sweet and delicious dumplings, not only the lips and teeth stay sweet, but also the mood is beautiful! Wish we can have a happy life in the future.

      Looking up, bright moon is in the sky, and there are lots of stars,heaven and earth were ablaze with lights.Although each star is small, it is doing its best to send out their own light, illuminating everything in the world.Isn't it just like us?As long as we persevere in the struggle, I believe that our tomorrow will be brighter.

       As the quality year of Jwell company in 2019,the company will comprehensively improve product quality, enhance brand awareness, refine and strengthen products, achieve the perfection of user's experience, and provide good service for high-quality customers.

        On the way of struggle, if no one applauds for you, then you should cheer for yourself. As long as you work hard, adhere to do it, you will be able to see the first light of dawn.Just as walking through this beautiful night of lantern festival, you will usher in the bright morning sun of tomorrow.Because you believe in the beauty, you will meet the beauty. Let us carry a happy and active heart, a thanksgiving and tolerant heart to pursue new dreams!


In this reunion beautiful moment of Lantern Festival, pray that all people will satisfy on the road of life: happy holidays, all wishes come true, happy reunion, good luck and happy!




Today is such a big event

We don't know whether everyone is full of red envelope and blessing

Ok, I know you're not quite there yet

So Jwell company specially prepared one for you

“ prizes”

I just want to ask whether it is true love!

The prize list



Participating method

Scan the QR code for a long time to identify, then reply "Jwell machinery"

Enter the activity page to leave a message, forward it and collect praises,

The number of praises is the basis of the award.

The method of getting prize:Send personal information on the home page

(information content: WeChat name + address + contact number)

We will arrange the distribution of prizes. 



(This activity is true and effective)

The deadline

February 22, 2019  00:00 

If you win the prize, the winning information will be announced on February 22

Prizes will be awarded within 7 working days after the deadline 


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