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Dedicated Automobile Tubule Extrusion Line CHINAPLAS2019 Excellent
Release time:2019-05-18



Dedicated automobile tubule extrusion line

In recent years, with the light weight of automobiles, the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection, more materials of recyclable plastic pipes have been applied in the automotive field.TheSelf-developedproduction line of Changzhou jwell pipe equipment co.ltd is usedfor automobile pipe, trachea and other products.The screw barrel with differentsupporting structures can meet the needs of tubes or rods high-speed extruderswhose raw materials are PE, PP, PA, FPVC, PU, PLA and ABS ,etc.

The maximal load speed is 35m/min,the range of product'sdiameter:ID3-ID20mm,Line speed: 60 m-80m/min 。

It has the characteristics of fast production line speed, high precision, easy operation and convenient maintenance. Minimizing production waste, reducing operating costs and reducing land occupation are the first multi-functional production lines for customers.


Nylon carsmall pipes will be displayed at the Chinaplas2019 exhibition. we fullycooperate with international first-class manufacturers in terms of equipment. Suchas adopting Switzerland MAAG metering pump, American FALK gear box, Germany FLENDERreducer, Italy PHASE permanent magnet synchronous motor,Germany INOEX onlinethickness measurement device,Swiss ZUMBACH diameter measurement device, Italy DEGAfeeding and drying system, etc..It has made still further progress in thecontrol of line speed and overall stability .This not only reflects the strongcapabilities of technological integration of Jwell company on the whole ,but alsopresents the spirit of the company,namely the pursuit of perfection,excellenceand innovation.

Welcome you to the exhibition !

Composition of production line 

1.Automatic feeding drying system

The drying action of the device is achieved by evaporation of moisture. In order to evaporate the water, it is necessary to input hot air into the pellets to be dried, which is different from the use of a separate type of hopper in a conventional dryer. The system works fully automatically according to the runtime program set by the timer on the control panel. To start the system, simply adjust the dedicated button on the digital thermostat; it monitors the system temperature and operates the solid state relay via a Tektronix thermocouple. When the system temperature reaches the set temperature, the heater resistance stops working; when the temperature is lower than the required temperature, the resistance starts working again. The hot air generated by the equipment enters the hopper through the hose and enters the container containing the pellets.


2.Feed weighing system

SAVEOMAT single-component pellets and powder hoppers can be mounted directly above the extruder feed opening.

According to the control loop, the SAVEOMAT terminal can control the screw speed, the traction speed, or both. By accurately measuring the feed rate and accurately controlling the weight of the rice, the raw material consumption is reduced, the production process is stabilized, and the loss of raw materials is reduced!


3.JWS65/30 single screw extruder

The main engine adopts B&R control system, PHASE servo motor and FLENDER gearbox. Combining the technology and experience of the extrusion industry for many years, the company provides customers with precise control and energy-saving and efficient extrusion system.4.jpg


The material of the mould body is made of 40Cr, the mold is chrome-plated, and the unique mould design is adopted to make the material plasticized evenly, the discharge is stable, the stretch ratio is designed according to our experience, and the high-speed sizing sleeve designed by our company can be used. Achieve high-speed, high-yield, the finished tube has reached the first-class level in terms of wall thickness, appearance and out-of-roundness.

5.Vacuum tank

The vacuum box adopts weak vacuum design, which is easy to control the roundness of the pipe. The overall design adopts double-layer design to prevent water from falling on the ground and keep the site clean and tidy. The vacuum adopts variable frequency vacuum and energy saving. The box body adopts tempered glass box cover, which is beautiful in appearance and convenient. Observing the internal situation, the overall design of the overall pipeline is hard and beautiful. A wind ring is installed at the outlet of the rear end to blow the water droplets from the vacuum box.


6.Traction and cutting machine

The traction machine adopts Huichuan servo motor + planetary gear box to control the speed, the traction is stable, and the traction arm is pneumatically lifted and operated conveniently;

The cutting machine cutting motor adopts servo motor, the pipe length cutting is ±1mm, the flying knife is cut, and there is cooling water in the lower part of the knife box for cooling the blade, which can cut more than 6000 times per day.


This conveyor belt combines the B&R operating procedures with screening capabilities and unqualified products are individually screened and collected.

8.Ultrasonic thickness measurement


Provide production data (wall thickness, diameter, eccentricity, ovality)

Control wall thickness, thin point, rice weight, extrusion volume

Ensure that the production process is carried out with a stable wall thickness and centered alignment

Save 5% or more of raw materials to help turn on the machine and adjust the eccentricity of the pipe

Give the operation staff help

Provide production data to customers

Maximum inspection 7 layers, minimum wall thickness 0.02 mm

Optional accessories: Combined version




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