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To support global “Anti-epidemic”, CHINA JWELL strongly launched PP Melt-blown Nonwoven fabric production line
Release time:2020-03-18

With the outbreak of “COVID-19” in the word, CHINA JWELL has taken advantage of its achievements in the chemical fiber spinning and nonwoven fabric industry for years. During the epidemic, under the urgent request of many old customers and related government, JWELL start to organize R&D and production force, strongly launched PP-polypropylene melt-blown nonwoven fabric production line, JWELL machinery as one of the global well-known plastic extrusion equipment manufacturer, to solve the current difficult situation in the world, showing big corporation role.


As well-known manufacturer of melt-blown fabric materials-Dawn group, and other domestic industry leaders have cooperate with us, CHINA JWELL provide PP melt-blown nonwoven fabric production line, fully support global "anti-epidemic" work.



As we all know, melt-blown nonwoven fabric is the most core material of medical protective mask, and it is the key to fight epidemic war. CHINA JWELL can provide 800mm-3200mm width PP melt-blown nonwoven fabric production line rapidly through its own technical advantages for years. Adopt high quality core components, advanced technology production line, and high automation. At moment, more than 30 sets of high-performance and high-output production lines have been start production. The melt-blown die is the core component of the production line, fully supported by excellent partners represented by Zhejiang JCTIMES Die Co. etc., effectively shorten the production line delivery. At present, complete production line can be delivered to customers in 60-70days delivery, which provides a strong guarantee for customers’ rapid commissioning and epidemic prevention work.




Equipment Advantage


1). Professional screw design experience, good plastication, stable performance, suitable for high capacity extrusion;

2). High precision filter system and melt pump system, lively close-loop control extrusion pressure stably;

3). High precision extrusion die and spinnerets components, satisfy high quality product manufacture;

4). Professional high temperature resistant belt-type lapping system, optimized design of negative pressure system;

5). Fully automated online slitting, winding system, high-speed stable operation;

6). Adopt Siemens high-performance PLC integrated control system;

7). One-stop service, equipped with high-temperature furnace, static electret, vacuum cleaning and testing equipment;


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