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Agentes em todo o mundo

JWELL GROUP Sole Sales-agent In The World As Below:

Ⅰ、Iran country:(Official Sole Agent products : All Kinds of Jwell Plastic machine products) Agent Period : Oct 2017- Oct 2019

Name: Nekousaz Polymer Sanat Aria Co. 
Contact people: Mr. Pedram.Valipour , Mr. Mehdi Badali
Phone: +98 21 88871032
Mobile:+98 912 3719857 +98 912 8158688
ADD:Unit 8, # 26, Khalil Zade St., Nelson Mandela Blvd., Tehran, Iran

Ⅱ、North American (NON-Exclusive Agency, products: All Kinds of Jwell Plastic machine products) 
Agent period : Jan ,1st 2017-Jan,1st 2019

Name: Polymax Solutions Inc.
Contact person: Jenny Chen
Phone: +1-604-5359189
Cell: +1-778-9977709
Fax: +1-604-535 9192
Address: 13053 20A Ave, Surrey, B.C. V4A 8L9 Canada

Ⅳ、Russia Country (but not incluing far east area,Siberia area. Sole Agent products: All Kinds of Jwell Plastic machine products) 
Agent Period :Sep 26th 2017-Sep 25th 2019
Name: ООО 《Восток Бизнес Плюс》
Contact people:Mr. Hongzhao Fang 
Телефоны: ?495 5894297 7401208
Адрес(address): 129085, г. Москва, пр. Мира, д.101, стр. 1, офис 609 

Ⅴ、Yemen 、sudan and Egypt Countries (Sole Agent products: Blow-molding machine) Agent Period : Aug 1st 2017-Jul 31th 2019
Name: Multi Trade Import,Export commercial & Industrial Agents
Contact people:Gamal Elgharabawy
Tel:+2 034592025 Fax:+2 034598252 
Mobile:+20 111 2160000
Address:2nd Industrial Zone-Borg El Arab-Alexandria-Egypt 

Agency dealing area:Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania and South Africa
Company name: Shanghai Royal Industrial Co.,ltd.
Contact person: Brown Zhu, Meky He 
Mobile phone: 0086 13601876709, 0086 15806226900


Agency dealing area : indonesia、Isreal、Oman、Japan、Bahrain、Jordan、Lebanon、Oman、Syria、Vietnam、Loas、Kampuchea、Burma、Thailand、Malaysia、Singapore、Philippines、Brunei、East Timor. 
Company name:Shanghai Dyell Industrial Co.,ltd.
Contact person: William Wang、Michael Chen
Mobile:+86 158 0622 2066、 +86 158 0622 6208

Agency dealing area : All Region of the Americas(Except the Acting Regional or existing products) 
Company name: Shanghai Polywell Industrial Co.,ltd.
Contacts : Jacky Liang、Lincoln Zhao
Cell phone:+86 15806221882、+ 86 13918876278 

Agency dealing area: India, Australia (old customers), New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, U.A.E, Yemen, Palestine , Iraq, Kazakhstan,Ukraine, Kenya, Tanzania (old customers), Uganda 
Company name: Shanghai YRELL Industrial Co.,ltd.
Contact person: Johnson lee, Jet Kong
Mobile phone: 0086 13817039977, 0086 13472570215

Turkey Office 

Contact person:Mr Alex Liu 
Telephone: +86 21 69595477
Mobile: +86 13816577700 
Address: Istanbul, TURKEY
BESIKTAS V.D 784 029 2668


Office in Vietnam 

Address:Trung Van, The Light, 6th Floor, Room 610, To Huu, Tu Liem, Hanoi. 
Adam Wei: +84 964072518
Scott Kuang: +84 967851800