• Conical Twin-screw Extruder For High-speed Profiles

    SJZ72/152 conical twin-screw extruder for high speed profiles is successfully developed by our company according to the market and clients’ demands, which can replace the ordinary conical extruders type SJZ65/132 and SJZ80/156.
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  • UPVC Pipe And CPVC Solid Pipe Extrusion Line

    This line can solve the problems of high temperature melting, high viscosity, easy-decomposition. The special designed screw, gearbox, tooling, and HMI system make the line reliable and easy operation.
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  • PP & Talc Powder Environmental Protection Sheet Extrusion Line

    Developed by Jwell company, this line is for producing multi-layer environmental-friendly sheet, which is widely used for vacuum
    forming, green food container and package, different kinds of food packaging container, such as: salver,bowl, canteen, fruit dish, etc.
    Adopting maxim talc percentage in the sheet production, 
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  • Sheet Die Series-JW-B-C1

    Standard coat-hanger design, the upper die lip adjusting adopts the push-pull type or push-out fine-tuning type;the lower die lip can exchange, the maximum adjusting range up to 5 mm, it is suitable for the production of PC, PMMA, GPPS, PET, single-layer or multi-layer high transparent sheet or plate
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  • DYSSZ Heavy Single Axle Shredder

    In order to meet requirement of waste material recycling and high capacity in different fields, DYSSZ shredder can be used to shred big plastic block, waste wood log
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