• Rubber Extruder

    In order to meet the market need, our company developed a new cold-feed rubber extruder. The main characteristic of this kind extruder: the temperature control system using a separate partition control
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  • RTP Composite Pipe Extrusion Line

    The thermoplastic reinforced pipe RTP has three layers: the inner layer is anti- erosion and wearing-resistant PE pipe; the middle layer is reinforced twisting layer (the material is high-intension synthesized fiber
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  • PVC Transparent Sheet And Rigid Sheet Extrusion Line

    PVC transparent sheet have many advantages of fire-resistance, high quality, low cost, high transparent, good surface, no
    spot,less water wave, high strike resistance, easy to mould and etc. it applys to different kinds of packing ,vacuuming and case, such as tools, toys, electics, food, medicine and clothes.
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  • Sheet Die Series-JW-P-A2

    With special coat-hanger channel design, adjustable upper die lip, changeable lower die lip and 45°blocking bar, the
    die adapt to ABS, PE, PP thick plate with the width below 2000mm and thickness between 3-30mm.
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  • JWZ-02D/05D/12D/20D Double Station Blow Molding Machine

    ·Suitable for producing 100ml-3000ml different size of Milk bottle,soy sauce bottle,yellow wine bottle.    200ml-5000ml different size of shampoo bottle,body wash bottle,detergent bottles and others Toiletries and different children's toys. 
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