• TPO、TPU sheet Extrusion line

    Using TPO as material to produce the surface leather of automible dashboard by extrusion line, the leather has good charateristics of anti-aging and dimentional stability, anti-corrosion, ozone resistance, heatproof, cold resistance, grease resistance and no VOC discharge, it has been widely used as the excellent environmental prection automible internal decorative material. TPO sheet thickness 0.5-3mm, width 1000-2000mm. Another  thermoplastic elastomer TPU leather can be also used as the surface of autombile dashboard.
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  • PE&PP Wood-Plastic Floor Extrusion Line

    PE&PP Wood-Plastic Floor is that the wood-plastic composite materials complete in different equipments of mixing, from play, extruding products, mixing the raw material in a certain formula, forming wood-plastic particles in the middle, and then squeezing out products. And nowadays, the two-step way is used currently, application of a wider general use dual-cone-or two-extruder extruder granulation, and then double-cone or single screw extruder extrusion products, mainly used in floor indoor or outdoor, parapets, tray, such as PE&PP plastic extrusion products. 
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  • PVC、PVG Conveyer Belt Cover Extruder

    In order to the customer’s technics requirement for the conveter belt,Jwell successfully develops serials conveyer belt cover extruder and relation mould,it can be molding for the pvc belt’s surface,adjust the thickness of the cover,leave out the others.This extruder install on the left and right,have good
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  • PVC\PC\PP\PE\PA Special Profile Production Line

    YF series production line is designed for extrusion of PVC plastic door’s and window’s profile and crosssection cable pipes,aluminum-plastic composite profiles and etc.PVC profiles are widely used in the building industry,home and office decoration.
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  • PC PMMA Optic Sheet Extrusion Line

    To meet the demands of market, Shanghai JWELL supply customer PC PMMA optical sheet extrusion lines with advanced
    technology, the screws are specially designed according to the rheological property of raw material, precise melt pump system and T-die
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  • Sheet Die Series-JW-F-A1

    PVC coating die adopts special channel of coat-hanger structure, adjustable upper die lip, perpendicular blocking
    bar, the thickness of production can be adjusted. In pairs
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  • DYPS-J Series Low Noise Crusher

    Good design, elegant appearance.Enclosure sound-proof case,low noise.the low noise crusher is suitable for different kinds of plastic
    crushing,such as 
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  • JWZ-BM160/230 Blow Molding Machine

    ·Suitable for producing 100-220L open-top drums, dou ble"L"ring drums. 
    ·Adopt high output extrusion system, accumulating die head. 
    ·Optional hydraulic servo control system.
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