• TPU、ABS Composit Plate Extrusion line

    TPU/ABS composit plate is one new kind of enviroment friendly material used for car gauge panel and inner decoration. It adopts multi manifold procee to make TPU coat on ABS instead of glue coating so that the finished product does not release formaldehyde or create inner air pollution. Plate thickness from 1mm to 8mm, width from 1200mm to 2000mm.
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  • PVC Homogeneous Heart Flooring Leather Production Line

    It is made of different colors of PVC crushed material, adopting even proportion and thermo-pressing. Because of its environmental protection,  ornamental value as well as each maintenance, it is widely used for housing, hospital, school, factory, hotel, and restaurant decoration. This line features of easy operation and high technical, which is for producing different colors pattern . Product thickness is 2-3mm; width is 2000mm.
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  • Spining Extruder

    JWM series extruders are used for melt spining of PET, PA6, PA66, PP chips. The LTM designed in screw, and the melt quality is better. The precision of screw and barrel is higher after professional proce ssing. And equiped high precision bevel-teeth gear box
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  • PVC Siding Plate Extrusion Line

    Siding panel applied in house ,office building, villa, and wall protection. Due to its top layer covered with PVC, ASA, or PMMA, it can be used in hot, cold dry or wet place, can bear long time sun light ,wind, rain and bad weather
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  • PP/PS Sheet Extrusion Line

    PP/PS single-layer, co-extrusion two-color, double-side transparent sheets are used in thermoforming and packing industry.PP transparent sheet, dull polish sheet (coarse and fine), two-color sheet and some other sheets are used in stationery industry.
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  • Plastic Casting Roller

    Based on many years’ understandings and experience in
    plastic packing industry, we have the outstanding performance
    in roller manufacturing for sheet, plate and film.
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