• HDPE Plate Extrusion line

    Shanghai Jwell supply advanced extrusion system, it is suitable to produce HMW-HDPE material which have low MFI and high-strength into plate, the plates are mainly used to produce auto carriage board, pick-up's box liner, cover of truck,  anti-rain cover etc. The plate thickness can reduce more than 30% when it has same impact strength, it reduce the production cost for manufacturers. Plate thickness 2-12mm, width 2000-3000mm.
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  • Soft PVC Six Roller Composite Floor Board Extrusion Line

    In this production line, the extruder produces foundation board, which is composited with printing layer, wear resisting layer and anti-skid layer by a six- roller composition machine. By accurate control of releasing rolls tension force and the pre-heating for wear resisting layer, the outing floor sheet will not have the effect of wrinkles, shrinkage, or deformation, and with high efficiency and stable quality.
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  • PP Non-woven Fabrics Extruder

    JWM series Non-woven fabrics Extruder are specialized in PP Non-woven fabrics production. Normally it uses two extruders in series. the screw L/D of the main extruder is 30:1, the ancillary extruder mainly used for machining leftover material and flot- sam drapery which can be recycled on the
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  • PVC Wood-Plastic One Step Extrusion Line

    One-step way that is eliminating the middle granulation of this link. put the raw materials directly in a group of equipment, with mixing and extruding products completed in one time. The advantage in this way is of high efficiency, mixing plastics, and significant energy saving, lower production costs.
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  • APET, PETG, CPET Sheet Extrusion Line

    APET, PETG, CPET single-layer or multi-layer sheet extrusion machine It’s one of the most advanced production lines with matured technology and stability in China. Compared with other same kind equipment, it’s over 30% higher in overall efficiency. Line is suitable for PS, PP, PE as well.
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  • Hot Mill Roller

    Hot Mill Roller have superior strength、tenacity and heat resistance due to the special design structure. The roller can be used in
    high density plastic plate and sheet forming and non-woven fabric heat compounding.
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  • JWZ-BM500/1000 Blow Molding Machine

    ·Suitable for producing 500-1000L big size Chemical revolving barrel. 
    ·Adopt high output extrusion system,accumulating type die head,hydraulic servo control system.
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