• JWGK Series Automatic PVC Pipe Belling Machine

    The machine can be used for the belling of PVC solid wall pipe, PVC double-wall corrugated pipe. The belling type is U type and R type. The control system is from Mitsubishi PLC, stable function. The belling mould is hydraulic driven. The range is Φ32-Φ800.
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  • Sheet Die Series-JW-P-D1

    With multi-manifold design, the die can combine the materials inside to ensure the accuracy of the film. The die adopts micro-adjustable upper die lip, fixed lower lip and 45° blocking bar, which is fit for PC, PS, PP, PE, PLA multi-layer co-extrusion sheet.
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  • PA6 POY High Speed Spinning Machine Series

    This machine is mainly used for chips spinning of PA6 and PA66.
    Main features:
    ■ Adopt new type of bimetal, barrel and special manifold design.
    ■ Energy saving spin beam, equipped with bottom mounted, high pressure cylinder spin pack.
    ■ Unique planetary spinning pump and separately driving finish oil pump. With well designed air suction device for mono- mer.
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