Flat Moulds Series

  • Biaxially Oriented Die

    The die is crucial part of the biaxially oriented cast sheet, directly decided to cast sheet shape and thickness uniformity. This biaxially oriented casting sheet die adopt coat hanger flow channel design,
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  • High-speed Film Coating Die Series

    Jwell Company’s high-speed film coating die adopt T-type thick edge with manual adjustment system to simplify the product width switching operation and online adjusting.
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  • Film Die Series

    The die head adopts an extension V shape water-drop type flow channel,with the shunt technology and special triangle stabilize structure. To composite layer and improve the precision of the extrusion process to eliminate 'M' shape and 'W' shape flow patterns effectively. The upper die lip
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  • Sheet Die Series-JW-P-K1

    Fast opening die series, the upper die lip with fine-tuning push-pull type, the flexible lower die lip can adjusting product thickness on-line without stop, the Max adjusting range up to 5 mm, Equip with 45 °blocking bar, it is suitable for produce
    PC, PS, PP, PE, PLA, single-layer or multi-layer plate .
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  • Sheet Die Series-JW-P-A1

    With coat-hanger channel, micro-adjustable upper die lip, the die is perfect for single-layer or multi-layer PET(APET,
    PET)PC, PS, PP, PLA plate with the width ≤2100mm, and the thickness between 0.14-2mm.
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  • Sheet Die Series-JW-P-AT1

    Auto-adjusting die, the upper die lip is adjusted by the auto-control system which divided into manual-control unit and
    auto control unit; the first can control the accuracy in 1mm and the latter 300um. Fits for PC, PS, PP, PE, PLA single-layer
    or multi-layer sheet or film with different width.
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  • Sheet Die Series-JW-P-D1

    With multi-manifold design, the die can combine the materials inside to ensure the accuracy of the film. The die adopts micro-adjustable upper die lip, fixed lower lip and 45° blocking bar, which is fit for PC, PS, PP, PE, PLA multi-layer co-extrusion sheet.
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  • Sheet Die Series-JW-P-C1

    With coat-hanger channel design, adjustable upper die lip, changeable lower die lip and 45°blocking bar, the die is fit for PVC, PS, PP, PE, PC single or multi layer sheet with the thickness of 0.8-12mm.
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